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2x D&B Audiotechnik V7P loudspeakers

2x D&B Audiotechnik V-SUB subwoofers

1x D&B Audiotechnik D80 amplifier

Venue Arraycalc available on request.


Monitors -

4x D&B Audiotechnik M4 monitor wedges

2x D&B D12 amplifier


Mix Console -

Allen & Heath SQ7;  32 channels digital console

Proel 32/8 analogue multicore


Microphones -

1x Audix D6

1x AKG se391

1x Shure Beta 91

1x Shure Beta 96

2x Shure Beta 57

2x Superlux beta57 copies

6x Shure Sm58

2x Se electronics V7

4x unbranded tom mics w/clip

2x unbranded pencil condensers


Backline -

Drummers are required to bring breakables.

Breakables includes; cymbals, snare drum, kick pedal and hi-hat clutch. This is essential as we do not have these items in the venue.

It is recommended that drummers bring their own hardware when possible.


Drums -

1x Pearl 22" kick drum

1x Pearl 12" racktom

1x Pearl 14" racktom

1x Pearl 16" floortom

1x drumstool

1x hi-hat stand

1x snare stand

3x cymbal boomstand


Guitar Amps -

2x Orange CR 120H Heads

2x Orange 4x12 Cabinets

1x Marshall JCM2000 DSL100 guitar head

1x Marshall JCM2000 TSL100 guitar head

3x Marshall 4x12 speaker cabinet


Bass Amps -

1x Orange OB1-300 Bass Head

1 x Orange 8x10 Cab

1x Trace Elliot 1210H SMX 4x10 bass combo amp

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