NahemiA + Drekavac + Vehement + Decimated Cross

NAHEMIA are proud to showcase AR-CAOSAJI, their long-awaited debut album that, for the first time, is presented in the form of NahemiA‘s intimidating and extreme live rituals. Released on Friday 30th of October 2020 through Misanthropic Assault Productions, AR-CAOSAJI features nine tracks of relentless, vicious and intense Black Metal, with a melodic grandeur built on a foundation of a long-established and precise rhythm section.

DREKAVAC are a visually arresting six-piece from Aberdeen, performing their own unique form of blackened death metal.

VEHEMENT are one of the shining flames of the UK Black Metal scene, spreading their abrasive gospel since 2005.
Having released two albums, including 2017's incredible "Ashes", and having played stages as large as the infamous Bloodstock festival, Vehement will herald the return of Black Metal with NahemiA, on the AR-CAOSAJI Tour 2021.

DECIMATED CROSS, from Staffordshire, were a band on the ascendant, playing live shows and releasing their ferocious EP "Deathgrinder" in 2019. Then came the plague, and with it Decimated Cross's incredible debut album, "From Pagan to Waste". Come witness Decimated Cross's furious live set on each date of NahemiA's AR-CAOSAJI Tour 2021, bringing Black Metal triumphantly back to the British Isles.