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The Swamp Born Assassins.… Scotland/Norway

The Swamp Born Assassins got together in Glasgow Scotland in beginning of 2015 and started Jamming with an idea to create a new original all-out attack heavy blues rock sound. Originally a three piece of Stevie (Elmer) Craven...Drums, Charlie Moffat (Li’l Charlie)…vocals/harmonica & Davie (The Rev) Nimmo on guitar. The songs we wrote and recorded were good but we thought they were just too good to leave the raw way we recorded them.
We asked our friend’s Alf Vesterelv and Tommy Granli from Norwegian band The Maudlin Hounds to have a listen. They took the songs, added more guitars and bass, keyboards, re mixed and mastered them which resulted in us having enough material for a full album…SMELL THE MUD was rising from the swamp.
‘Smell the Mud’ is a quote from a Glasgow DJ, when he heard the song’s he suggested the sound came right from the swamps and that you could “smell the mud”. …the rest of the songs on the album have got that same Swamp rock Feel and has a continuing theme going thought it on some songs…..(The Assassin Chronicle's)
Other musicians on the album include Swedish guitar genius Linkan Anderson(Acid for Blood) and Bass legend Chris Glen (SAHB, MSG) who play on the song ‘Never Ever Never’ and Naomi Kemmitt sings on ‘Clara Belle Lee

Now with the second album DEAD MAN'S TRAIN under their belt and released June 2019, the band have a new look and line up. Joining Charlie and Stevie are - Andy (Paws) Christie - Guitar, Allen Bell - Bass, Kirsty Moffat - Backing vocals and Jamie Moffat - guitar.

The Swamp’s signature sound is a bold mixture of traditional hard rock with bluesy undertones and a healthy dose of heavy metal; with tracks ranging in tone from up-beat drunken party anthems (Gaterhole, Run to the Wildfire), to dark and sinister dirges (Smell the Mud, Clarabell Lee).

Playing live the Swamp Born Assassins are loud, energetic and more than a little theatrical. A live act you’ll want to experience again and again. Check out the events page for the next date near you.

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