Here at Bannermans we're very proud of how much we do to support live music around Edinburgh. Not only do we provide everything a band could possibly need for a show here, we go that extra bit further with our yearly compilation albums. It works like this - bands that have proven themselves as exceptional live acts time and again on our stage are offered the chance to have one of their tracks put onto our CD. And here's the best bit - it doesn't cost the bands anything, and the CD's are given out for free. That's right - free. We get 5000 copies printed, and anyone who comes into the bar can grab one. They're also given out at student fairs, showcase nights, record shops, and by flyer staff on the street. This is a fantastic way of promoting local bands, and giving something back to the scene that thrives around Edinburgh. So have a listen to the previous albums on the page - we're sure you'll find something to your taste. And who might just discover your new favourite band!