Backline + P.A Spec

For all the tech-heads out there, here’s what we’ve got!


Tama drumkit (kick, 2 rack and floor tom plus all relevant cymbal stands)

Peavey Max160 bass head and 4×10 cab

Crate GT3500 head and 4×10 cab

Marshall VS100 head and 4×10 cab


F.O.H mixing console :        Soundcraft LX7 II

F.O.H Graphic Equalizer:    DBX 1231


DBX Stereo Comp/Gate 266 XL

DBX Stereo Comp/Gate/Limiter 1066 (x2)

Behringer Quad Expander/Gate Multigate Pro

T.C Electronics MOne Stereo/Dual Effects Processor


Monitors: (from F.O.H console)

3x Stage monitor (front)

Drum fill

DBX 231 Graphic Equaliser

DBX 131 Graphic Equaliser